About Ocean

Ocean was founded out of frustration with the current state of HPC and data science that are stuck behind the times. We believe that it should be trivial to use modern tools, such as Docker containers and elastic cloud infrastructure, to write scientific code and run distributed jobs. Data scientists and researchers shouldn't be wasting time trying to figure out how to provision hardware and get Bash commands to work correctly.

We are building an end-to-end cloud platform that enables researchers and data scientists to focus on their work and save months of wasted effort.

Our goal is to make data scientists 10× more productive.

Meet the Team

We are a small distributed team headquartered in Colorado. Having worked in many professional environments—startups, academia, and Amazon Web Services—our founders contribute critical skills and expertise across multiple domains including software engineering, data science, cloud infrastructure, and product development.

Vasily Vasinov
Founder, CEO
Tommaso Buvoli, PhD
Founder, Product
Branden Kappes, PhD
Advisor, HPC