Delightful Data Science

Scale your work from a single box to a cloud supercomputer for the whole team. Fully containerized.

  • Machine Learning
  • Materials Science
  • Big Data
  • Aerospace
  • Life Sciences
  • Energy
  • Robotics
  • Quantum Simulations
  • Financial Services

Turn-Key Data Science

Focus on the core aspects of your work instead of operations and resource provisioning.

Distributed Everything

Deploy distributed workspaces and clusters. Run distributed Spark, MPI, GPU, and other types of jobs.

Ship It!

Script your models, workflows, and codes with our CLI and SDK. Then deploy them to production.

Development Environments

Work on Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, and Visual Studio projects directly in the cloud.

Take snapshots of your environments to checkpoint your progress and to share it with the team.

Data Science Apps

Use official data science apps that cover a wealth of use cases. Easily build new ones by encoding your custom workflows.

Take advantage of a fully-managed scheduler and queue ML, MPI, Spark, and other types of distributed jobs.

Built for Developers

Use our CLI and SDK to manage compute resources, data sources, environments, and users. Create data science apps to automate your workflows.

$ ocean apps:create \
    --template=tensorflow-jupyter \

›  New app created from your template

$ ocean apps:launch \
    --app:nodes=2 \
    --app:hardware_id=g.c4.r61.g1.m16 \

›  Launching app "my-tensorflow"...
›  Creating a pool of 2 GPU-enabled nodes
›  Pool created
›  Deploying and launching image
›  App "my-tensorflow" is up and running
›  Jupyter URL:

HPC Hardware in the Cloud

Provision elastic clusters and other compute resources in minutes. Automatically mount managed NFS, S3, and Lustre data sources without worrying about permission shenanigans and Linux-fu.

Ocean offers up-to-100-Gbps InfiniBand networking, NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, and Intel Xeon processors for your high-performance needs.

Join the Private Beta

We are working with select organizations and individuals over the next several months with the goal of improving and stabilizing the product. Interested in participating? Signup below and we'll reach out once ready.